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What is Placement?

The goal of placement is to assess skills to ensure students are able to successfully engage with course content, and have the best chances at passing the course.

Many courses at Highline have placement prerequisites for reading and mathematics ability. The courses that students place into determine how they progress through their program of study and how long their degree will take.  We have a variety of ways to assess students skills, one method doesn't work for all!

Get into the Classes that are Best for You:  Meet Your Goals with a Strong Beginning!

What assessment path is the best for you?

Your individual situation determines what placement path is best for you. Identify yourself below and click on the assessment path to learn more information.

Completed high school in the last 3 years

High school transcripts

Smarter Balanced scores

International Student or English Language Learner


Accuplacer Reading


Obtained a GED since 2014

GED transcripts

Placement from another school in the last 2 years

Placement Reciprocity

Transfer of test scores

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